In 2016, all eyes were drawn to the Olympics as the best athletes from around the world were showcased like never before. Since Nike was not an official Olympic sponsor, our primary objectives were to make sure Nike’s support was well known throughout Beijing and Shanghai and to inspire China’s hyper-connected youth to do more sports. Our strategy was to create a 360 degree attack of the two major tier cities in China: Shanghai and Beijing. We wanted to own the city, being with our audience where they shopped, where they lived, and where they ran. So, to bring the excitement and magical vibe of the Rio Olympics to Shanghai, we coloured the city, lighting up all the infamous skyscrapers on the iconic shanghai skyline with the Nike Rio Colours and premiered the Athlete Line up Film via a 240sqm screen on an LED boat on the river. We also placed out-of-home creatives, many of which responded to viewer’s movements, at local landmarks, key trade areas and event zones all around the cities for 17 days to create sustained “unlimited” visibility of Nike during the Olympics. Lastly, to inspire and enable athletes to unleash their potential, we created a hyper-local connection for viewers to partake in. Participants, recruited through signups, were given the chance to showcase their athletic passion through uniquely placed basketball games on road convoys, treadmills on N+RC Boats. We also organized an “Unlimited” 5km running experience in the popular Century Park in Shanghai to inspire core runners to “just do it”, offering motivational interactive Nike stations every 500m. “Nike Unlimited, Unleashed” truly inspired and ignited young athletes across China.