Kinetic Worldwide Launches Programmatic Offering for OOH

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New York, NY, October 19, 2015 – Kinetic, the global leader in audience-based out-of-home (OOH) media, is developing a new way to plan and buy OOH. Having evolved its business to a model focused on consumer mindsets, not ad formats, Kinetic is now pioneering a programmatic offering for both static and digital out of home assets – set to launch Q1 2016 in the US and UK. With its programmatic platform, Kinetic aims to set a new industry standard by offering greater efficiency, more precise audience targeting and enhanced real-time optimization opportunities. Kinetic is now pioneering a programmatic offering to provide a better way to measure against specific client goals, completely evolving the way OOH media is planned and optimized.

Implementing programmatic buying methodologies in OOH presents significant challenges due to its diverse array of non-digital media assets. This is the challenge Kinetic is meeting head-on, with a comprehensive programmatic solution that encompasses both static and digital out of home media.  “People often hear the word programmatic and think real-time bidding,” explains Paula Fernandez, Kinetic’s Global Head of Data, Tools, and Research. “But that’s only one colour in the programmatic spectrum. We know we can’t limit our innovation in this area to digital when the majority of out of home assets around the world are currently static. That’s why we are implementing a variety of automation methods, so we can make buying the entire assortment of formats out of home media offers more efficient and effective. ”

Kinetic is developing a seamless platform and are already working with a number of outdoor media partners globally to ensure smooth implementation and full buy-in from all relevant industry stakeholders.

Kinetic’s automation focus will enable its clients to get the best from the out of home medium. By making the planning and activation process faster and more efficient, Kinetic will introduce new opportunities to creatively and strategically leverage real-time data to inform campaign content. The platform will also enable Kinetic to make greater use of client data, applying it to deliver more precise targeting of nuanced audience segments.

“By automating the transactional part of media buying, we enable our team to focus on what can never be automated: high-level strategy, creativity and client service,” says Mauricio Sabogal, Kinetic’s Global CEO.  “Programmatic buying will allow us to get results for our clients in more efficient, more impactful ways.”

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