Kinetic Wins at Ocean Digital Creative Competition


Over the past six years, the Ocean Digital Creative Competition has challenged creative thinking and boosted OOH campaigns to a level eligible for Global Advertising awards (think Cannes Lions).

The results of the 2016 competition were announced on Thursday, October 13. Kinetic’s performance was stellar, bringing home two wins and seven shortlisted campaign ideas for both UK campaigns and International campaigns. These mentions ranged across both creative and interactive categories. The performance was a result of the Kinetic Active Team’s efforts and hard work.


McVitie’s placed first in the Interactive category with D.U.N.C.A.N, an interactive robot. D.U.N.C.A.N. would be controlled by the public and used to conduct a series of live dunking contests. Using iPhone and iPads, customers would be able to compete with each other on whose biscuit could withstand the most dunks before breaking. The player with the highest dunk record wins a year’s supply of biscuits. This concept was entered by Kinetic Active.


For the International Award, Kinetic took home another first place in the Interactive category with “King Arthur”. People in NYC, Hong Kong, and the UK would take turns trying to pull the sword from the stone. The billboard would then broadcast their heart rate, honor, and strength using sensors built into the sword and stone. Once the stone detected the one worthy King or Queen, that participant would win free tickets to see the movie premiere as well as getting their picture broadcast on other billboards around the world.

14th December 2016

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2nd June 2016

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19th October 2015

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