Kinetic Malaysia & Executor Partner to Create One of Malaysia’s Largest OOH Media Specialist Agencies

Kinetic Malaysia & Executor Partner to Create One of Malaysia’s Largest OOH Media Specialist Agencies
tenthavenue, home to WPP’s ‘Connected Consumer’ agencies, announces the formation of a new Out-of-Home entity in Malaysia effective from June 1, 2016. The partnership will create one of Malaysia’s largest OOH media specialist agency and will further strengthen Kinetic’s ability to reach consumers on the move with client advertising.


The “new Kinetic” is a partnership between the two companies, Kinetic Worldwide and Executor, combining clients, staff, data and technology. The entity will continue to trade in the market under the Kinetic label. It is a strategic move to capitalise on both companies’ strength to serve the clients in Malaysia better.
The combined entity will be headed by Executor’s founder & CEO, Peter Choo. Peter will report to Sudipto Roy, tenthavenue’s CEO for Developing Markets, who is personally overseeing the partnership and the subsequent integration into the broader Kinetic family.


“We are extremely excited to partner with Peter and his team as they have immense depth of local OOH media knowledge, entrepreneurial skills and home-grown data and systems. We needed an agile and nimble company which will be able to take the OOH offering into the new “connected experiences” world. Having founded and led other international agency network operations in Malaysia since 1994, we have strong confidence that he will
take this venture to new heights. The intent is to create an organization which will take the lead in modernizing the OOH industry in Malaysia and you should expect exciting developments around measurement and integration with
mobility and social interaction. In the near future, we want to be known for delivering On-the-Move Audiences and not just Out-of-Home media.” says Roy Sudipto.

“Our combined capabilities are now in a very strong position, especially around data, technology and creative execution which sit on one of the most comprehensive surveys of the entire market with traffic & human movement data and full digital mapping of every out-of-home sites. This makes our service really quick off the feet, gives us much better “science” behind our thinking and helps to deliver better execution and trading performance. With tenthavenue supporting us, the ability to create new On-the-Move Audience products will get a strong boost. The future truly looks exciting.” says Peter Choo.


For enquiries, please direct to Roy Sudipto, tenthavenue’s CEO for Developing Markets.

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